Panera Baguettes

  • Ginnie: I am having Panera for lunch..broccoli & cheese soup with a baguette.
  • Dan: Stop! I just had Panera yesterday for lunch!
  • Ginnie: Why are their baguettes so friggin good..fresh..and hot mmm..
  • Dan: Noooo! STOOOOP!!!
  • Ginnie: good..
  • Dan: Their baguettes are soooo good in fact, Alex and I split a whole one last week...a WHOLE one. We are sick people.
  • Ginnie: With butter? Bread and butter man..actually their baguettes just need AIR. They are that good.
  • Dan: Yessss...of course with butter...tons of butter. We contemplated melting the butter and dipping the bread straight into it like olive oil.
  • Dan: I wish I slept on a bed of baguettes.
  • Ginnie: Wait, straight up on top of a bunch..OR..inside one?
  • Ginnie: I wanna be inside of a baguette.
  • Dan: Yeah...cocooned inside a fresh and warm baguette.

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